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March 07, 2023


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Well Stump I’m an ‘80s kid so it’s Arctic Circle to me ;)

At the end of February 1980 Artic Circle bought all 12 or 13 Herfy's Portland area locations, and after remodeling reopened as Arctic Circle stores. I believe I read that Herfy's was owned by Campbell Soup

I dropped in there with a date in about 1969 and ordered a cherries jubilee. We were 14.

There isn't much information about Herfy's online and I can find only cryptic drips and drabs that say Campbell owned it. If the soup company did own Herfy's, it was probably only at the very end of the chain's existence.

Herfy's was founded in Evertt, Washington, and grew to maybe 18, or so, stores in the Pacific Northwest. There're still a handful of stores in the Seattle area that are operated by one of the few franchise owners. The only connection between the current Herfy's and the original is the photo-realistic cow logo.

My recollection of Herfy's was that it was a really poor imitation of Arby's and if I wanted a poor-quality roast beef sandwich, Arby's was slightly better and had Jaamoca shakes.

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