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March 19, 2023


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I was eight and really wanted to go. But now I realize it was just an elaborate way to spend money. I did take a date up to the Space Needle in about 1984 and we sat in the bar.


Are you sure?

My parents took us.
I don't remember seeing you there.

I was there too! My late mother drove myself and two brothers from Walla Walla. Vague memories, bu classic.

My biggest memories were, seeing John Glenn's Frienship 7, and having my first Taco, and first Orange Julius.

Our family had pizza for the first time there and really liked it. Emboldened by our enthusiastic reaction and looking to spice up our evening meals (supper, we called it) Mom tried making homemade pizza a time or two with Chef-Boy-R-Dee sauce and rolling out dough with a rolling pin. We just hated it and after trying a couple of times Mom never made it again. Remembering this brings to mind the classic scene from the Odd Couple movie where Oscar threw Felix' spaghetti against the kitchen wall and let it run down to the floor. It wasn't quite THAT bad, but...

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