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May 20, 2023


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Isn't that the front entrance to the now Country Kitchen?

The building still remains, but the front canopy and posts changed in 2013. Klein Realty formerly Gateway Realty first occupied this building in May 1971 and changed their name to Red Carpet Realty in June 1973 remaining at this location.

This building was built in 1962 and in the mid 1960's it was the home of Champion Pickup Canopies, per newspaper classified ads.

Drove by 10595 SE Stark yesterday. Now signs indicate "U. S. Renal Care," making it a kidney care place.

Immediately to the West is the parking lot for "Sayler's Old Country Kitchen."

The restaurant address is 10519 SE Stark which is immediately to the West of their parking lot.

The restaurant has been operated very successfully by several generations of the Sayler family since opening in 1946. Not bad for some "country bumpkin" cousins from North Dakota!

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