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July 31, 2023


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NE 60th & Glisan the location of Yesterday's pedestrian death by a hit and run driver

It's a terrible, tight, busy, now deadly intersection. They've built a number of condos and apartments in this area. MAX down the street on 60th. 4 turn lanes. High traffic due to Banfield/I-84 freeway entrances East (off of 60th) and West (off of Glisan). Cars travel fast to beat the lights.
A & L Tavern currently in old Harold's location.
I grew up in this neighborhood.

My uncle owned and operated Harold's Club in the 50's. It was a nice, clean "neighborhood tavern." He had just turned 40 when he acquired it. Occasionally when he went in in the morning, prior to opening, I got to go along. I got to slide the shuffleboard pucks back and forth while he worked. What fun for a 9 - 10-year-old!

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