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September 22, 2023


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I had the pleasure of working for Byron on many radio tower and fm jobs on and off for 30 years. He was a fine man.

Me and my girl would sit and listen / watch the "KISN Carol Tree" for hours on end. Good Times. Fond Memories.

Maybe 10-ish years before sixtytwokaygeedoubleyou even existed!

Sad to learn of Byron's passing. He was a terrific engineer, a good dj, an excellent piano player and fun to be around.
Byron designed and built the original control board in "Window On The World" corner studio. That was in 1962. Actually, he did not invent the KISN Carol Tree. That was designed and built by a company in NYC. He DID however install the electronics and set it up every year that I was there. In the photo of me, Frank Benny and Dick Sainte lighting the tree, Byron was underneath it and when I pushed "my button" he pushed his and it was another KISN winning promotion. This was on Thanksgiving evening in 1964

And Tom, when I was doing my school homework in the 60's you carried me though it every night and lessened the pain. We loved you then, we love you still, and always will.

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