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September 20, 2023


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If my math is correct 68 million annual basis membership @ $60 would be 4.08 billion dollars. I wonder if this Costco place will last.

Its a great business model. Also, Costco pays and treats their employees well. So when you visit you see the same trained staff. Try getting help or trained people at Wal Mart. They are not treated well either. The $1.50 hot dog & soda as well.

DG, there are higher cost memberships so that’s a conservative estimate.

Woody yes I know you can pay more for the Executive level, but we down graded to the lower Gold Star last year since we just don't go to Costco as often anymore, and the dollars kickback no longer made any sense to pay for that level. They did't take the Executive card from us we just paid less to renew.

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