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September 24, 2023


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If you wish to read more about Portland's horse rings just Google "Alameda Horse Rings"

My grandmother had a big house on the corner of East Burnside at 39th (now named after Cesar Chavez who never visited the city) and there were horse rings in the curbs outside her house. My younger brother and I thought they were the strangest thing. Why would anyone need to tie a horse to the curb?

We had one at our house at SE 24th and Grant. Wonder if it’s still there.

I will point out (perhaps futilely) that Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Princess Alberta, and Queens Victoria and Alexandra, along with many others, never set foot in Portland either but have streets named after them; some even have statues, monuments, and schools memorializing them.

In Portland there are six streets named after people of color and two of those belong to Sacajawea and her son York.

So, in modern times that leaves MLK and Naito (both of whom had a presence here) and Parks and Chavez (neither of whom did). Almost all the other streets are named after landowners and developers.


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