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October 06, 2023


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Grand Opening was August 27, 1926. Free Streetcar and Bus rides to anyone heading downtown, for dancing, search lights etc.
The first movie shown was the silent film "The Dutchess of Buffalo" staring Constance Talmadge. Also on stage appearing Renie Riano & Lipchultz soloist, with Oliver Wallace on the Wurlitzer organ.

The last movies were shown on Sunday January 3, 1988. The Broadway had been divided to a twin screen with "The Running Man" playing in the balcony theater and the main floor screen closed out the Broadway's run with the film "Less Than Zero"

I seem to remember it being called "J J PARKER'S Broadway Theatre" at some point?? What was that all about?? Am I just dreaming??

Bill---JJ Parker was the President & Manager of Fox West Coast theaters and did become the owner of the Broadway theater and other theaters in Portland I believe.

J J Parker bought the Broadway theater in 1931 and had the peacock marquee installed as seen in the two lower photos, he also owned the United Artist theater which I think was on SW Washington north of Broadway and owned three theaters in Astoria OR.

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