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February 29, 2024


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There used to be many good little ice cream shops around. In Beaverton, there was Beaver Freeze, and in Cedar Mill, across the street from Sunset Valley School, we had The Scoop. Whenever we had a dime, we'd head over to The Scoop for a cone.

Wow - what wonderful memories of this place! My family lived at 1531 NE 63rd Avenue, just north of Halsey Street, and I remember that wonderful ice cream. It was so smooth and rich, and the "big" size (25 cents) chocolate cone was my favorite! Even after we moved from the Rose City Park neighborhood, we would venture back to visit Larry and his delectable frozen treats! I'd give just about anything to go back in time and enjoy another chocolate cone and those simpler times of yesterday.

Went there several times with the family, but I think I would pass on a Beaver Freeze, just sounds weird.

Beaver Freeze was only a couple of blocks away from Beaverton High School, the home of the Beavers. There's that, plus if I recall correctly, you could also rent a frozen food locker at Beaver Freeze.

Remember frozen food lockers from the days before home refrigerators had much freezer space. Most families rented a 'deep freeze' locker someplace. Supermarkets often had frozen locker space for rent in the back of the store.

We lived on 61st and Siskiyou in the early 50's and Larry's was a regular destination for a nickel cone or an occasional Green River. He served frozen custard and there was none better. Closest thing these days is Culver's.

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