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February 04, 2024


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Reelect Gene Sayler Oregon House sign on the wall from 1990. Sayler the owner of Sayler's Old Country Kitchen lost to Lisa Naito.

its been a long time since ive gone to Sayler's Old Country Kitchen. is it still any good these days?

Sayler's Old Country Kitchen is still GREAT. Now owned/managed by Gene's sons, Brian and David. Ate there recently and enjoyed the best onion rings and steaks in Portland.

Last time I went it was as good as ever. My first meal there was in 1966.

I used to go there all the time, and was always friendly. The food is nowhere as good now.

Getting back to Nick's Famous Coney Island....
A couple of months ago I went over there with my Nick's Coney Island $50 Gift Card in my pocket. There's no date on the card, but I'm sure it was given to me several (2-3-4 ??) years ago. Essentially I was going to use the card to be sure there weren't any hassles before I took my pre-teen grandsons for their first Coney at a later date.

When I ordered my Coney, the server (who looked more like a Bouncer) said they didn't accept "those old cards." I asked why not and he went into some story about new owner, new computer system and similar assorted BS. I said I thought some law(s) had been passed that made it illegal to not accept gift cards that still had "value" on them.

The short version of how this ended is he suggested I get my money out or leave. I left!

Stumpers please help!!

Any suggestions on how I can get them to accept THEIR gift card??

I'm still hoping for some thoughts about my gift card experience.....as noted above.

Bill : Nick’s has sold a few times. If it’s an old gift card the owners most likely never sold that card. Why would they take it only if for being nice guys and losing money? Some cards could be promotional handouts from the past. Can’t blame them. A company was looking to buy our stores and made it crystal clear they would not accept gift cards or do free service on jewelry sold by us.

i liked the idea of so many different steak sizes, most places only offer two, last time i was there i has a 24 oz sirloin....

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