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May 17, 2024


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Getty Images dates this photo to February 1, 1962. Getty also identifies the woman as Donna Douglas aka Elly Mae Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies. The April 22, 1962 episode of Mr. Ed featured Eastwood as a new neighbor to Mr. Ed and Donna Douglas played Eastwood's girlfriend.

That's not Donna Douglas, DG. That's Connie Hines, Wilbur's wife. Yes, Donna was in the episode. But that's not her. I suppose that's what happens when you depend on the internet, not genuine knowledge and memory, to come up with an answer.

By the way, if anyone has a chance, this episode is hilarious, particularly when Ed sticks his head thru Clint's kitchen window and scares Clint's housekeeper. I saw it myself, back when DG and I were just a couple young would-be Bullpups.

If any of us are old enough to have watched this show in its original form, rest assured that our memories are now utterly unreliable having been tainted by many decades of confabulation, speculation, and wishful thinking.

SG, you may be right, but you also may be wrong; but my money is on Getty.... either way it's a good story all the way around.

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