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May 27, 2024


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Farrell's was THE place to celebrate birthdays. A free sundae for the birthday person and a "drum solo" from the servers along with a birthday song. I have so many memories of good times there celebrating birthdays with children who now have children of their own who will never experience a party at Farrell's. I have so many local history books from Arcadia Publishing, and I'm always pleased to find another to add to my collection. I've already reserved a copy and can't wait till it arrives.

The high school drama crowd used to go to Farrell's after "opening night," when we always had a party. We'd all chip in and get one or two of those Pig Trough things they delivered with much fanfare. It's too bad that Farrell's is gone and there's nothing like it anymore. I wonder where high school drama kids go today for the "opening night" parties.

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